Exam & Evaluation

Scheme of Examination & Evaluation

    From Nursery to V there is a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system following the CBSE directives. Grades are awarded instead of marks. Regular assessment and evaluation of the children is of prime concern to the parents. The school therefore, has its own coherent system providing the two terminal examination and Worksheet. Continuous assessment of the students is maintained through class work, worksheet, home assignment and projects. Promotions are made on the basis of the whole yea’s performance of the students. That is why regularity in attendance and school task is imperative.

For Classes LKG to I
       There is no formal examination system in these classes. The promotion will be based on assessment of student’s growth and development in various areas of learning, set in the curriculum.

For Classes II to V.
(1)        Continuous assessment of the student is maintained on the basis of class test, assignments, worksheets and projects, regular class work, homework.
(2)        Grades are awarded to the students according to their performance in scholastic & co-scholastic activities. The 
             academic session is divided into two semesters :
             a)     Ist Semester –April to September             Weightage            -            50%
             b)     2nd Semester –October to March             Weightage            -            50%

For Classes VI to XI.
          CBSE has introduced Continuous Comprehensive school based Evaluation system upto class X. Each academic session is divided into two terms. There will be Formative Assessments based on Scholastic areas such as Conversation skills, Assignments. Oral Questions, Projects, Quizzes, Group Discussions; Co-Scholastic areas such as Thinking skills, Creative Thinking, Co-curricular activities, Attitudes and Values, Self awareness and Health and Physical Education. Co-scholastic Assignments, Oral Questions, Projects, Quizzes will be given 20% weightage in the Ist Term and 20% in the final Term. There will be two Formative Assessments of 10% each in each term. Summative Assessment based on Academic performance will be given 30% weightage n both the terms.
           Promotion is based on the day to day work of the students through out the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination. There will be two cycles of unit test in each term and 2 assignments or projects. Unit tests will be conducted on every Monday.

Weightage for classes VII to VII
First Term-             Formative assessment - 1 (10% of UT-1)
                               + Formative assessment - 2 (5% of UT-2+5%  of Project/Activity)
                               + Summative assessment - (30%) =50%
Second Term-        Formative assessment - 3 (5% of UT-3 & 5% of Project/ Activity)
                              +Formative assessment -4 (10% of UT-4)
                              + Summative assessment - 2 (30%) =50%
   Students will be awarded grades on 9 point scale after accuring the marks of the two terms.

Weightage for Class IX & X :  As per CBSE directions.

Weightage for Class XI :

  • It is mandatory for all the students to appear in all the unit tests and terminal examinations as they all will be     given due weightage.
  • No consideration will be given for including ‘best unit test’ in the cumulative result.
  • All cheating cases will be awarded zero.
    Parents will receive the Report Card at the end if every Terminal Examination. It should be signed by them & returned within two days of the receipt.