Equipped with latest apparatus & equipments, catering to +2 syllabus, Physics Lab is a spacious hall which can accommodate 50 students at a time.They can carry out their practical under the supervision of highly trained staff. Demonstration of experiments can help in the better understanding the principles of science. Students learn to handle equipment or apparatus, to analyze the data, to calculate and to arrive at the conclusion using the method of trial & error.


Housed in a spacious well ventilated hall, equipped with requisite apparatus & equipments & safety gadgets, Chemistry Lab is a real asset where students can perform innovative experiments.  It is a real treat to see the young scientists in Lab Coats trying to learn chemical reactions & the laws governing them through observation & experimentation.


Built in a spacious hall & equipped with all the required specimens, Bio Lab can accommodate 30-35 students at a time. Theoretical teaching of Biology is supported by its practical aspect which enhances the spirit of curiosity & innovation in the students. Under the supervision of the teachers, they learn the detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals with the help of the slides.

Computer Lab

Two very spacious & fully Air Conditioned Computer Labs equipped with 30 Computers each provides best practical training to the students. They consists of one large lab for practical and a separate lecture room for practical and a separate lecture room for theory classes to provide them graded training in various languages. The focus of the program is to help students understand and use common software applications and use technology to enhance their ability to access, evaluate and research information .


We have two Maths Labs, one each for Senior & Junior Einsteins, The spacious Mathematics Labs are equipped with Number Meter, Cuisenaire Strips, Dominoes Watch Models, Geo Boards& Geometrics Sketch Pad. It is a perfect place to understand the mind boggling & intricate problems. Learning Mathematics is no longer a dull & boring affair as children perform mathematical experiments to solve mathematical puzzles and crack most difficult problems with great ease.

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