Fee Norms

Mode of remittance of fees

          Parents are required to deposit the fee quarterly in cash at the Bank prescribed by the school by the 20th of the scheduled month or by      Demand Draft at the Senior Wing of the school in the month of April, July, October & January.

Note:  DDs/Cheque should be deposited in the same branch of the school where your ward is studying.

*        Fee Payable for the first quarter in the month of April consists of the annual charges apart from the quarterly fee.

*        School fee should be paid by the 30th April for the first quarter and by the 20th of the above mentioned months (July, October & January).

*        Parents have the option to deposit the fee for any number of months in advance.

*        The school will not accept outstation cheques against payment of fee.

*        Fee Booklet shall be furnished to the students. Parents are requested to fill up all the three slips and deposit the fee.

*        After the 20th of the scheduled month, fee will not be accepted in cash by Bank, it should be deposited by cheque at School Fee Counter along with the fine as applicable.

*        Parents should send Demand Draft in favour of ‘Shri S.N. Sidheshwar Sr. Sec. Public School’. They must write Name, Admission No, Class & section, Phone No. at the back of the DD.

*        In case of the dishonoured cheques, the bounce charges charged by bank and applicable fine must be borne by the parents and deposited at the fee counter only through Demand Draft.

*        In case of loss of fee booklet, duplicate booklet can be obtained from the fee counter by paying Rs.10/-  

*        There is a provision of Special Concession for Widow Ward. For any query contact Administrative Office.

*        There is a provision of cycle stand for those who come to school on bicycle. Annual Cycle fee will be charged in the beginning of the year with annual charges. In case the student wants to withdraw this facility in the mid session, fee will not be refunded.

*        After the due date a fine of Rs 10/- per day will be charged till the last working day of the month of the concerned quarter after which the name of student will be struck off.

*        Re-admission will be done on payment of late fee and admission fee of  Rs. 250/-.

*        Student will not be allowed to enter the school after the name is struck off.

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