Welcome to the portal of Sidheshwar School With the blessings of Sidheshwar Baba, our school has flourished by leaps & bound. Our endeavour will always remain to ensure that our children grow up in a stress free environment, fully equipped & empowered to create new bench marks for themselves. The purpose of education is not only to educate each student in our care but also to empower them to achieve to their full potential, to learn to think critically & work collectively for the welfare of humanity to make them responsible global citizens.

Teaching is all about providing a rich, rewarding & unique learning experience. It is important that children do not feel the stress of academics. They should bloom like flowers in spring season. Administrators, educationists & parents should join hands to assist the kids to attain their full potential without any stress. We work withone of the most important resources on this earth; it is our crucial responsibility to help it to grow with clear conscience, concept & confidence by instilling ethical & moral values in it.

Adopting Yoga, Meditation & Art of Living can help children to cope with pressures in life. Physical fitness is not only an important key to a healthy body but also the basis of dynamic, intellectual & creative activity. It enhances the physical strength of students so that they may face the competitive world with the nerves of steel & iron determination.

Students, study with passion, de-stress yourself with Yoga & win the world with conviction. Equip yourself with latest technology but do not forget that it is your responsibility to make India proud.

Sidheshwar Managing Committee


"The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ~ Oscar Wilde "